Bethel Lutheran Church Columbarium

Bethel Lutheran's Columbarium

Bethel Lutheran’s Columbarium

The Bethel Lutheran Church Columbarium was dedicated in December, 2016 to serve as a place of internment for our members and their families who may desire to remain on the grounds of the church that they have loved and served after death.  It has become a place of quiet, peaceful reflection with plants, trees, shrubs, potted flowers and a running fountain.  It is a beautiful extension of our Prayer Garden.

Columbaria have become very popular across the country over the past twenty years as people have chosen cremation as an affordable option over traditional burial.  

Bethel’s columbarium has 99 niches, each which will hold the urns of two people.  The church has already pre-sold more than 25 niches.  The columbarium is available to all Bethel members and their immediate family members, which includes spouses, children, parents, and brothers and sisters.  The cost of a niche is $1,000 for two people and $750 for one person and both include the urns, engraving, opening and closing, and perpetual care.  

If you have not yet seen the columbarium, please take a moment to stop in and visit, reflect and pray.  It was created to be a place of quiet comfort.  If you are interested in more information, or in purchasing a niche, please contact Pastor Wise for assistance.

Prayer Garden and Columbarium

Prayer Garden and Columbarium