Giving Your Time, Talents & Resources to Bethel & Beyond

Throughout Scripture, God has called his people to be generous. This generosity is shown in the use of our gifts, our time and our financial resources. If you are a member or a regular Bethel guest,  we encourage you to contribute to the needs of the church, through time, use of your talents or financially. We are aware of the many needs in your life and the financial constraints many members feel and so we seek to provide a balanced approach to our stewardship campaigns and giving philosophy.


It is our desire that you regularly attend Bethel and make time to participate in the programs we offer our members and the community. In addition, we believe that giving to the church would be an act of worship, giving from a grateful heart for all that the Lord has done for you. And we offer a variety of ways for you to do this.


Weekly Offering: Each Sunday we pass the offering plate as part of our Worship together. Envelopes are made available to all guests on the desk outside the sanctuary. In addition, members receive envelopes on a monthly basis via their mailbox in the Narthex.


Simply Giving through Thrivent: An automated stewardship program allowing members to make automatic payments through electronic transfer of funds. Simply Giving paperwork can be found in the Narthex and provided to Dale Zimmerman once completed.


FaithStreet: Online giving through FaithStreet that allows anyone to give to the church on weekly or monthly regular occurances, as well as give to the church for other special occasions. Learn more and set up your online giving today with FaithStreet!


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